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A man embarks on a bloody rampage to save his kidnapped brother.

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baaghi 3 movie download moviesflix

Storyline :

Ronnie and Vikram are brothers who share an unbreakable bond. Their journey begins when a certain turn in events, leads Vikram to travel. On this trip, he gets kidnapped by people. Ronnie witnesses his brother getting beaten and kidnapped, Ronnie will do whatever it takes to destroy anyone and anything that stands in the way of Vikram’s safety. Ronnie goes on a rampage of destruction to see his brother safe, even if it means that he independently has to take on an entire country.

The third installment of the popular action franchise, Baaghi 3, has arrived in theaters with a bang. Directed by Ahmed Khan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, this high-octane action flick stars Tiger Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor and Riteish Deshmukh in the lead roles.

The story follows the journey of two brothers, Ronnie (played by Tiger Shroff) and Vikram (played by Riteish Deshmukh). Ronnie is a fearless and skilled martial artist while Vikram is a timid and peace-loving police officer. Despite their differences, they share a strong bond and support each other.

The story takes a turn when Vikram is assigned a dangerous mission in Syria and is kidnapped by a terrorist group. Ronnie, known for his unbeatable fighting skills, sets out to save his brother. He travels to Syria and single-handedly attacks an entire terrorist organization, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

The action sequences are the main attraction in the film and Tiger Shroff has performed them well. From hand-to-hand combat to high-speed car chases, the stunts are larger than life and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The film also has some stunning visuals, especially the ones shot in Syria, which add to the overall impact.

However, the film is not just about action. It also has some emotional moments, especially the bond between the two brothers. The chemistry between Tiger and Riteish is heartwarming and adds depth to the story. Shraddha Kapoor, who plays Ronnie’s love interest, adds a touch of romance to the otherwise intense plot.

Apart from the lead trio, the film also has a stellar supporting cast including Vijay Verma, Jaideep Ahlawat and Ankita Lokhande. They all perform admirably and add to the overall entertainment.

The music of Baaghi 3 is also wonderful for the audience. The songs are catchy and placed well into the narrative. The remake of the iconic song ‘Dus Bahane’ is a visual treat and will definitely make you dance.

The only downside of the film is its predictable story. The plot follows the same pattern as the previous two installments and offers nothing new. However, the entertaining action sequences and the chemistry between the lead actors compensate for this.

Overall, Baaghi 3 is a perfect treat for action movie lovers. It is a complete package of adrenaline-pumping action, emotions and entertainment. Tiger Shroff has once again proved his mettle as an action hero and this film is a must watch for all his fans. So, grab your popcorn and get ready for an action-packed ride with Baaghi 3.

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